Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Easy Summer Style

After a week away, I'm finally back in the office. I don't want to jinx the weather, but it appears that summer is finally here to stay. Warm, humid weather makes me fall back on the easy summer combo of dress/skirt and sandals, so pardon the plain and simple nature of upcoming outfits.  To distract you, check out how huge my plants have gotten!  But back to the outfit - this dress at least has some cool detailing on the back:

back detail


necklace detail
Dress: Target
Necklace: New York & Company (remixed)
Sandals: Born (remixed)
Nail polish: Do You Lilac It? by OPI
Sunnies: Loft

How was everyone's weekend?  If you're here in the US, did you have a fun time celebrating the 4th?  We took a super long bike ride on Sunday along the Chicago River on the North Shore Channel Trail.  I was so excited to have a bike again, I logged 30 miles over the weekend!  I had to take a couple days off because my legs were basically dead, but we're due for another ride tonight after work.

Fella admiring a sculpture along the bike trail

Fella and I threw a BBQ - our first party at our new home - for some of our friends on Monday.

Jude getting ready for the BBQ

We walked up to a nearby park on Monday night to watch some official unofficial fireworks (or something like that).  The show lasted well over an hour, but Jude was ready to go after about 45 minutes.  Honestly, I'm impressed he made it that long.



  1. Those sandals!  I covet them!

    Bailey is deeply perturbed by fireworks, although she didn't find them to be quite the horror show that she did last year.  

  2. As much as I detest humid-hot weather, I am also distracted at how gorgeous my plants are getting to be! They are HUGE! thanks to the sun and moisture! My 4th was spent gorging in locally made hotdogs and an assortment of seafood. 

    FAshion talk time: LOOOOOVE those sandals! It's gotta be the color and the rose detail that do it for me! They're lovely!

  3. Now I have sandal lust.  But no sandal budget.  Loving your outfit anyway.
    So glad to hear about the biking, and I hope to someday join you guys!

  4. I don't have a budget for them either, but I got them on sale at least :)

  5. Right, thank goodness for all that rain we had!  I'm a fan of gorging on any kind of hot dog, so it sounds like a good 4th!

  6. Really?  I've heard that most dogs don't like fireworks.  This was Jude's first year seeing them, and he seemed to be okay with them.  And then he just got bored.

  7. Those sandals are cute, and I love Born because they're shoes are so comfortable.  I am glad you are getting to enjoy some warm weather.

  8. Sounds like a fun weekend! I'm impressed that Jude lasted for 45 minutes of fireworks - I couldn't coax my dogs out for a pee when they started here. I've been doing the dress and sandal combo all week - summer has arrived!

  9. Love the detailing on the dress and your purple nails! I love purple polish, I might have to put it on again soon.
    The road sign sculpture is super cool, I love it!

  10. I've only worn these sandals a few times thus far, but they're SOOOO comfortable.

  11. I have at least 4 shades of purple polish at home that I can think of - it's definitely one of my favorites :)

  12. love your sandals x

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  13. Of course I saw that dress at Target and passed right over it because of the back. But it is so cute on you I am rethinking my decision!
    I miss biking. You will have to give me details about your bike next time we see each other; I had a 10-speed but I hated it. One like yours would probably be much more suitable.

  14. Really?  The back is what I liked the most!  It came in a lighter shade of purple that I really liked, but can't pull off with my coloring.  But I think it would work for you (since you can wear all the cool colors I can't!)

    My new bike is sooo much better than my old 10-speed.  A bike would be so fun out by you with all the forest preserves in the area.  Did you know there's a trail all the way up to the Botanic Gardens from the city?  Fella and I have a goal to ride all the way up eventually.

  15. Sounds like you had a wonderful 4th.  Impressed by the fireworks photo!