Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rainy Day Woman

What is hiding in this flower pot that Jude seems to like so much?  Hmmm.

I'm going to apologize now for the quality of these pictures. It's been storming pretty much non-stop since last night, so the lighting is a bit off. I couldn't find an appropriate camera setting for a dark porch with a motion-light that won't turn off, so I'll have to work on that. Or hope for less rainy days this summer. The good news is that it finally cooled off a bit, so cleaning the old apartment tonight (the keys need to be handed in on Saturday) won't be nearly as awful as it's been in 95+ degree weather.

06/09/11 close-up
Today is my fourth office day in a row! If I could work from home today, I totally would have to avoid going out in the rain. If nothing else, but to avoid my hair totally falling flat, frizzing up and flipping out. Seriously, it lasted for about 5 seconds once I started walking. I don't know why I bother with the blow dryer on days like this. But I got to see some pretty sweet lightning while waiting for my train, so that's not all bad.

Cardigan: Target (remixed)
Tank: Loft
Jeans: Gap (Long & Lean)
Sandals: Unisa (remixed)
Necklace: Randolph Street Market (remixed)
Watch: Fossil (worn a LOT)


  1. I've been air-drying my hair a lot these days. It's a pain dealing with the hot air from the hair dryer, so yeah. And to answer your question about the liner, it just takes a lot of practice. I am now only wearing this liner with confidence after about a week of hardcore practice. plus, investing in a good quality brush helps too. I got my angle brush from eco tools. 

  2. Wait, a brush?  Please, go on.  Do you use a brush with liquid liner?  I worry that'll look way too severe on me.

  3. Your hair looks extra pretty and shiny today.  I'm glad the heat wave is over.

  4. I use an angle brush with gel liner. Liquid liner doesn't last very long on
    me... At least the ones I've tried haven't lasted. Liquid liners usually
    have a brush built in with the package. And if you do want to try this, I
    recommend Elf's liquid liner pen. They're only a dollar but they last quite
    a while, even with un-primered eyes. But I am really in love with the
    Physician's Formula gel liners. For those, you need an angle brush. You can
    control the amount and the angle of the flick/cat-eye that you wish to apply
    with a good, semi-stiff angle brush. hope this helps!

  5. I'll have to give that a try!  I use PF foundation and concealer, and love it, so I imagine their eye stuff is pretty good.

  6. fashionforgiantsJune 9, 2011 at 2:26 PM

    Jude is so funny.  Our dog won't leave our lupine alone - he is obsessed with it.  It's driving me crazy because sometimes that obsession means he wants to sit on it.  Idk.  He's weird.

  7. Ha!  Really?  Jude's favorite thing with plants is trampling hostas.  If we go for a walk, he can't go by one without trying to walk on it.

  8. I know, the weather dropped 15 degrees as I drove to work today...crazy!! Love the patterned shirt!!

  9. Love this tank. LOVE it! Sorry it's stormy there, but you are clearly keeping it together and then some, sartorially speaking.

  10. That is a fabulous tank! I covet it a LOT! Glad to hear that your heat wave is breaking at least.

    I've got no suggestions about humid weather hair -- mostly I just wear mine up 24/7.

  11. The rain and lighting was so crazy! Hopefully it's all passed now though. I love your stripey top - nice way to mix it up!

  12. How crazy was that???  It was 65 when I left for work, and by the time I got up to the 'burbs it was down to 50.

  13. It's very E-Jo with the stripes and all :)  And it comes in 2 other colors, so we wouldn't have to totally match...

  14. Simple patterns + great neutrals + cute sandals + bright accessory= winning Anne warm weather outfit!

  15. Really diggin' this top -- cool print! 

  16. Oh, how fun are those striped sections of that top! The tumultuous weather this week made for a wide variety of outfits! :)