Monday, June 20, 2011

Rad Visit, a Wedding and More Condo Pictures

I'm home sick with some serious vertigo today (has anyone ever had this?  do I need to go see a doctor?), so no outfit post.  But I do have lots of pictures from the weekend!  We've had Rad and her blokey staying with us since Friday, which has been tons of fun.

Anne & Rad, pre-beach
On Saturday, Rad, Fella and I took Jude to the beach.  Rad and I didn't plan to wear matching dresses to the beach.  We're just that in-tune style-wise.

Anne's Dress: Target
Rad's Dress: H&M

Jude at the beach
Jude LOVES going to the beach.

Surprisingly, Rad and I didn't think to take any blog-like photos together at the wedding on Saturday night.  But here we are with the bride, our friend C. (photo courtesy of our friend M.)

Anne's Dress: New York & Company
Necklace: Satellite Paris, birthday gift from Fella (via hazel)

Fella & Anne
And if you wondered what Fella ended up wearing after all of your input, he went with the checked shirt and the blue tie.  So everyone won.

And as promised, here's the rest of our condo.  This is the master bedroom, which is clearly Jude's bedroom. I'd like to get a little art on the walls in here eventually, but you get the picture.  There's also a sun porch off the bedroom, but it's currently full of all the things we still need to unpack, so I'll spare you the picture.

Guest room
This is our guest bedroom, which I got cleaned out just in time for Rad and blokey's visit.  Our apartment had 2 bedrooms, but this is the first time we've actually had a functioning guest room.

Living Room
Last but not least is the living room.  Fella and I are both huge fans of the floor-to-ceiling windows in here.  It gets so much light, and the windows let in a lot of the breeze too, which is great during the summer.


  1. So many good things to comment on in this post! You and Rad look lovely, Jude looks like she is having a great time at the beach, and the new condo rocks!  As for vertigo... I've heard that can happen with inner ear infections? In any case, that doesn't sound at all fun and I hope you feel better soon!

  2. I love the green bedding, and you and Rad both looks cute in your stripes.

  3. Your new place is beautiful!  Are you the one who plays piano?  What did Rad have to say about your new digs?

  4. AwayfromtheKeyboardJune 20, 2011 at 7:41 PM

    Anne, for me, vertigo is an inner ear thing.  If it is allergy caused, it may clear up on its own.  If it is an infection (inner ear, sinuses) you need a doctor.  Which was nice and definite of me, wasn't it!

    I just love the new condo--I like the green and blue in the master bedroom--it is not something I would have ever thought of and I just love it.    All of the pictures of people (and dogs) are very spiffy as well!

  5. The color scheme in the bedroom is one of my favorite tjings. It's found in nature, so I figured it'd work out in decor.

    and it turns out I have labryinthitis. The doc told me to take some dramamine and it should clear up. But it is probably due to allergies.

  6. The condo is Rad-approved :) I play the piano. It was my grandpa's, and my dad and grandma had it refurbished and sent out here about 5 years back when they were selling her house.

  7. fashionforgiantsJune 20, 2011 at 8:22 PM

    Love how Jude's room is decorated.  And you all look wonderful at the wedding - hooray for the blue tie!

    Love the matching beach frocks too - you two are just adorable.

    Feel better!


  8. Oh noes, I hope you're feeling well! You ladies look fab in your beach and wedding outfits!!! Love the stripes! And how gorgeous is your living room! I am most definitely in love with the curtains!

  9. great the color and print of you bed spread!! Do you play piano?

  10. I love the striped outfits!  Unplanned coordination ftw!  

    Jude looks like he's king of the castle.  Also - I love your bedding.  Where is it from?

  11. I do!  Though not as often as I'd like :)

  12. Oddly enough, the curtains came with the place.  It's just a huge coincidence that they match our furniture.

  13. I can confirm the awesome of the new condo.  Blokey and I were honored to be the first guests evah.

  14. I love Anne and Rad photos, together again! :)
    Such a pretty dress for the wedding. Love Rad in that lovely pink!

  15. the new place looks great! jude is adorable all wet and you and rad are so cute in your matching stripes.