Monday, April 5, 2010

Return or Keep?

Return or Keep?, originally uploaded by Cohabitating_Closet.

I should not buy new clothes anymore, but I made the mistake of going into Daffy's last week to find some socks. And then I saw this huge display of Ben Sherman clothes on major discounts. This knitted black clingy dress seemed like a great idea at the time. I envisioned it as an easy travel dress, with colored tights in the winter. I wore it today just briefly with bare legs and realized that it's much shorter than I thought (again, it looked great in the mirror at the store).
It was $20, down from hundred something, so it won't break the bank, but is it worth it? Also, I don't want to institute a shopping ban, but I should really stop buying new clothes. I am not so concerned about thrifted and vintage, but I have too many clothes for our itty bitty closet.
Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!

I know that I am not actually Twiggy, but this dress makes me feel pretty carefree. Especially while watching films for class on Wednesday on American hegemony.

Also, thank you to Retro Riva for the blog award!

Ben Sherman dress: Daffy's
Shoes: Ecco


  1. I think it looks super cute, but I'll play devil's advocate and say do you think you'll wear it enough to justify keeping it? Does that even matter since it makes you look and feel good?

    You could probably just start a ban after this dress. Of course, that kind of thinking is probably why I have too many clothes too :) I'm trying to stop shopping, and in the meantime I've been selling a bunch of my older clothes on eBay.

  2. Keep! Keep!

    I am a bad influence. Which Daffy's?

  3. very sexy. keep. don't wear to class though. too sexy.

  4. Love this dress, Legs Eleven! I think you should keep it, and I am a Shopping Bulimic so that means something. I think for 20 bones you can pretend it was thrifted. It looks great on you, I love its 60's aesthetic and how often do we get to feel carefree? You can't buy carefree.

    I see what you mean about its legginess with bare legs for the classroom. I think with opaque tights and flats or flat boots it is fine though. You could even go the footless tights/leggings and flats route, but you know how I feel about footless tights... I think you could even turn wearing a short skirt into a lesson on hegemony (by dressing in a short skirt aren't you participating in your own oppression? AW is brilliant at these classroom sartorial lessons.).

    What if you adopt the "one in one out" rule with this (or your next) purchase? Can you buy a spot in your cohabitating closet for this beauty by exiling another to the circle of thrift?

  5. I'm gonna echo Anne: Will you wear this? It's pretty far removed from what I've seen you post here. Can you think of five great outfits that include this dress?

    That said, it's short enough to serve as a tunic. Pair it with those jeans you skinnied, belt it, and be covered.

  6. I agree with Sal. The length seems short from what I have seen from your style so far.. At least you have great legs to wear it if you do keep it!

    Enter to win a William Riera dress!

  7. I'm with Anne, Sal, and Elaine. But the five outfit rule is a good one. So, we've got three potential outfits:

    1. with opaque tights and low-heel boots
    2. over skinnied jeans with a belt
    3. over footless tights with ballet flats

    What about others? Also - and I'll preface this final comment with an admission that I'm anxious about skirt length in classrooms - the bare legs look is making me nervous. What if you teach in it, turn to write something on the board, and flash everyone?

  8. Thanks for the thoughts, everyone. It went back to someone with a shorter torso or more moxie than me.
    Just to let you know, I agree totally that I could not teach in this. I do teach in things that are clearly above the knee, but I try to balance with opaque tights and boxy cuts. I have to always remember to cut down on anything that could be vaguely interpreted as sexy!