Thursday, April 22, 2010

Conference bound

Conference bound, originally uploaded by Cohabitating_Closet.

Thanks for all the great comments, bloggy buddies! I am frankly happy that anyone reads my little thoughts on style in cyberspace, and always flattered. Blokey has happily agreed to joint custody of the vest. I noticed that it is a simple design and I am thinking about trying to make different versions, one for spring/summer as well (the corduroy was a bit warm yesterday).
I slept only a couple hours after a day of teaching because I have to catch a cab soon, to catch a plane to Chicago (again), so I can actively participate in one of the biggest professional conferences in our discipline (but not THE conference). Americans tend to dress up more formally at conferences than Europeans (I was the most overdressed person at a conference in London once), so I take a "European approach" to dressing for conferences. As in, I'll probably replace the sweater with a blazer, add taller shoes and call it "conference ready." I'm not there to get a job, and I'm confident enough in my abilities that I don't think I need to look like some kind of Washington bureaucrat to be taken seriously (although there are differing opinions on this. Some have counselled me to be formal at conferences because of my age/gender, but I usually still do my own Rad thing. I went uber conservative for the job interview, but since I do unconventional research, so why not?)
Oh, and by the way, the evaluation of my teaching went swimmingly. But then again, my colleague is very supportive and nice (he was my first year mentor). His only critique was that I talked too fast. I am aware of this. I am trying to slow it down.

Tunic/dress: H&M (2008)
Leggings: Target
Belt: Not Just Vintage
Cardigan: Loft
Flats: Ecco


  1. I love that outfit, especially the belt! It looks like it'd be comfy for travel too. And good for you for doing your own Rad thing :)

  2. This might be my favorite outfit of yours ever. And I bet it's even sassier with heels!

  3. Hahaha, I talk too fast too! Especially when I am nervous, i.e. in public speaking. Eek. I bet you do well since you're a professional!

    I really didn't know that about European conferences... Why do you think Americans overdress?? Hm.

    I really like what you're wearing here. It's effortless, casual, comfortable, but still presentable! I love it. Especially the pop of red from the black!

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  4. I love the outfit!

    I've found European academics to dress far more casually and quirkily than we do here in the US in general. I was often overdressed when I went to colloquia and conferences. That said, I have seen a huge range of dress at conferences: everything from Italian silk suits to baggy jeans and hoodies.

    I might wear a blazer to a conference, but I almost never wear a suit to them (unless I'm interviewing there).

  5. This is an awesome conference get-up already, and the modifications you plan make it even better (what comes after "awesome"? Is "awesomer" a word?).

    Also, you have stellar taste in H&M wear. I've got that same print in a skirt.

  6. Great plane-to-conference outfit! Love this tunic with the red belt. Have fun in Chicago being rad, Rad.