Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ditsy Floral

I was so excited to see Sal's post about ditsy florals last night because I received a beautiful ditsy floral dress in the mail yesterday!  Not long ago, I finally started browsing for clothes on eBay, since so many much more fashionable ladies have been finding great clothes and shoes there.  How could so many stylish women be wrong?  I bought a few nice dresses, but I think the ditsy floral might be my favorite.

Why do I love it?  So many reasons.  First, the thick fabric helps conceal exactly where I need it, and its wide empire waist (which ties as an adorable bow in the back) is extremely flattering.  I think almost all of the dresses I own have some kind of an empire waist for this reason.

Pardon the kitchen shot - it's hard to find good lighting in our apartment!

Second, the full skirt!  I had my reservations about it at first, and it might even add some width, but it's just so fun and cute!

Third, the floral print is just perfect for spring and summer.

Jude would've been more excited about the dress if he hadn't been busy devouring a giant tree branch

I went extra simple on accessories because of the print, which is probably another pro for this dress.  I paired it with my favorite Etsy locket (which matches the print perfectly!) and some great gold flat sandals.  I hardly ever wear heels in the summer because we walk just about everywhere, so I'm loving how polished these sandals look while still being comfortable.

Dress: Shristi, LLC (via eBay, but they also have a shop on Etsy)
Necklace: Etsy
Shoes: Target


  1. I LOVE this dress! Beautiful print, lovely colors! And the full skirt is very retro and chic. (It would look with cowboy boots, if you decided to go that route!)
    Jude approves too, which mine be the best part!

  2. I was thinking that it'd be nice with boots too! Either cowboy, or some nice flat brown boots. I can never find good flat boots, so hopefully you shopping with me will bring me good luck :)

  3. You look lovely in this ditzy floral dress and I agree with you about the gold sandals--nice bit of polish and sparkle. Seeing you in this springy dress makes me sooo jealous of your gorgeous Chicago weather (I bet that isn't something you hear everyday).

    Also, I am breaking a blog rule if I comment on your awesome frittata here? Your frittata looks awesome and I'm looking forward to making it. One day.

  4. Ha! I think there's a total of 2 weeks of the year when people are jealous of our weather. It is truly gorgeous here in the summer though. I have a few new dresses, and was pleased that the gold sandals look great with all of them.

    And I'll always take a compliment! I'm a better cook than a dresser anyway :)

  5. Love the sandals! Pretty spring flowers!

  6. Love the sandals! Pretty spring flowers!