Saturday, February 20, 2010

Shoutout to Portland, OR

Because of how much I liked the first vintage suit I bought on ebay, I thought I'd try again. It can be a gamble, even if you are quite confident about your measurements, but I generally find that skirts are more forgiving than pants. I won a Pendleton suit for $10, plus shipping (about $16 total). This was did not fit like a glove. It was about a size or two too big. But it has potential. When I get the sewing machine up and running (still waiting on a presser foot), I can see myself making it work as a suit.
But it in the meantime, it came with this great grey pleather belt. I was suspicious of belts before, because I like the billowy loose fits of recent trends. But thanks to a number of style bloggers (see right), I've been slowly embracing them again. I tried on the blazer with the belt at my natural waist and decided that the late 1970s/early 80s black/grey/camel combo might look awesome with jeans. My only jeans not in the hamper were all stretched out, so I tried it with what has otherwise been a problematic denim skirt (it bunches funny on top, and the waist gaps.) The end result works great, because the blazer has enough structure to hide any denim awkwardness. One of my dearest friends in the whole world recently moved just outside of Portland, Oregon this past year. She was a big influence on my evolving (aka non-existent) style during graduate school, and I think she would approve of this outfit. (Also, the hilariously right-on Winona of Daddy Likey lives there. You that Portland is a seriously stylish place).
Today is 43 degrees and sunny in Brooklyn. Since my clothes (and tights, and hair) are badly in need of washing, I decided to do what was unthinkable two weeks ago: debut bare legs.

If you click through, you can see that the bottoms are leather covered. There are false pockets on the front of the jacket. I figured that out after the 5th time trying to cram my hands in there.

Yeay for nascent spring.

Blazer (and belt): Pendleton, about $8 as half of a suit, including shipping), ebay seller Maggie's Farm Treasures
Skirt: H&M (2 or 3 years ago), $20
T-straps, Naturalizer, $45


  1. Can you believe this weather? It almost feels balmy. Love that belt!

  2. That's very cute. And yes, very excited about the better weather!

  3. I think the blazer looks great belted! Yay for belts! and I always do that with the fake pockets. So lame!

  4. This ensemble works beautifully, doll! The sassy belt looks great against the tweed.

  5. Thanks for the great feedback, ladies! Too bad our weather turned icky quickly.

  6. I love the look of the belted jacket, and the pairing of the jacket and the denim skirt works well. Your shoes are great too. Yay for warming weather!

  7. Thanks for the great feedback, ladies! Too bad our weather turned icky quickly.