Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mardi Gras!

Yesterday, friends and I went and explored the French Quarter on the last day of Carnival. It was really crazy. People drinking on the streets. Lot of R-rates bits on display. I even wore a semi colorful dress (but didn't get a good picture). But look at those beads:
Fun fact: you do not have to show anyone your R-rated bits to get these. The folks sitting in balconies just like to throw them at the street level revelers. I got hit in the head a few times with beads, I feel like I deserved them. I don't know if I can take them back, though.

I also saw a parade before hitting Bourbon St. They had these great floats. On the back was a flatbed, some more decorations and, of course, people throwing beads in elaborate costumes.

More Bead Throwers:
Bead Catchers:

on me:
Coat: Tulle, $95
Dress: Brooklyn Industries, $30 (sale)
Beads: courtesy of the generous folks of New Orleans.


  1. Giant praying mantis?? lol! And you have a LOT of beads... Are you sure you didn't have to do any special favors to get them? HAHA, totally kidding :D

    And I like your Tulle coat better than mine!

    P.S. You're right about the outfit and Tsubo sneakers! Now to convince the hubs..

  2. Haha, Elaine, you're hilarious. Someone asks for a display and I said, "Oh, I can't, I have on a dress!" and he threw me the beads anyway.
    I love that we have similar Tulle coats, but I do think they are slightly different. I think our similar Tulle coats made me think I might have decent tastes in clothing.
    Good luck making the pitch. You should make an argument that you deserve them after midterms (say this before you start studying, because they will be an incentive).