Wednesday, February 10, 2010


(This is my idea of a good hairstyle)

I'd like to get better at these photos. I've been relying mostly on natural light because the lights in our apartment are crappy. I took about 25 pictures and this was the best. I wasn't thrilled with the quality of photos yesterday but today's were made more difficult, thanks to SNOWPOCALYPSE 2010 (I realize that not everyone is calling it that, but I prefer the apocalypse more than the Armageddon).
I didn't know if I had to go to work today, so I picked this out as a work appropriate outfit. But luckily, just before I was ready to go, my lovely colleague who was already there called and said not to bother. (My co-workers are awesome. That might make me one of the luckiest people in this city).

I need some a new photography strategy. My food pictures are a bit blurry too, but I usually can get details a bit better. I should also state upfront that I am a little scared of color, and I hope that this blog can help me be more brave (and to see how bland just neutrals can be).
I am wearing a scarf partly because of the great Academichic blog's designation of February as Scarf Month. I associate much this outfit with my new city, because I bought the pink scarf at the airport after my nerve wrecking job interview, the wellies at a local discount shop on a really rainy day in the city, and the skirt my second week on the job at Esprit (it's pricier than usual). That store is expensive but everything fits me like a glove, even length wise. Evidently, I'm built like a German girl.

But I did take good pictures of the storm:

(I can only stand in the middle of the street on snow days)

Summer weight cardigan: TJ Maxx, $10
Tights: HUE, $15
Scarf: that $10 accessories store in every airport with vaguely European sounding name (?)
Boots: Daffy's, $20
Skirt: Esprit, $50
Boatneck striped tee: Rodarte for Target, $12?


  1. That is a very sassy and smart work outfit! LOVE it! If you're afraid of colors, start with something small. Maybe a bright scarf instead of a neutral? Or more subtle - maybe some colored tights?

  2. Thanks Anne. I didn't wear it too work (but I did wear it to the art store to pick up sewing notions). I am wearing purple tights but the lighting is poor. I want to buy some funky colored scarves from street vendors but I'm such a wimp. I think you should do a POST on incorporate color for the color shy???? eh???

  3. Ah, now that you mention it I see the purple tights. It's subtle, but it's a start. I know, I know, I should do a post - I just dropped $100 at so maybe I'll do a write-up when I get my stuff in the mail :) But I am definitely no stranger to color!