Thursday, February 25, 2010

shitkickers and puddlejumpers

This is not the outfit I wore today (to work). It's the outfit I wish I wore.

I did wear most of this outfit to work today. But rather than my vintage cowboy boots, I wisely wore my black wellington-type boots (you know, the ones that every woman in NYC seems to have), as it was snowing this thick, heavy, soppy, wet snow. It would immediately turn into wetness and there were large unfortunate puddles of ick all over Manhattan sidewalks. I never thought of myself as a galoshes kinda gal, but it was liberating to run through puddles, with only the cold, not the water, seeping in.
When I thought of this outfit, I mentally paired it with these boots, which I love but my cohabitator merely tolerate. They were my birthday thrift find and I wore them all the time last summer. I pretended I was an urban cowgirl while stomping around, and folks from all different walks of city life have given my compliments. I've also used them to kill 2 really aggressive waterbugs (also know as NYC summer cockroaches).

I didn't wear the hat. I just found it in the the box by my desk where I stick everything when I'm too lazy to put it away. I don't know how my fella puts up with my clutter sometimes.

Dress: Urban Outfitters: $29 (sale)
Tights: Uniqlo, $5
Socks: Gap, $7.50
Jacket:, $29
Boots: Durango, thrifted (Beacon's closet), $24


  1. Hm, your fella puts up with your clutter like I put up with my fella's clutter. :) And I absolutely LOVE galoshes when it's raining! I got myself a nice, cheap pair at Target last year and what they lack in comfort, they make up for in cuteness and practicality.

    I like the outfit but - surprise - you need some sort of accessories! The hat's a nice start. Perhaps a scarf too? Roll up the cuffs of your jacket to show off a bracelet or two?

  2. I love this as-is, especially the socks. But you can't go wrong with some well-fitting neutrals and those comfy-looking layered socks.

    Would love to have the details about the swap in union. My email is Jesse.Anne.oh at gmail. Thank you for offering.

  3. The boots and socks are dynamite together.

    And you just reminded me that I might have to jump on the galoshes bandwagon - my snow boots are too short and the muck sneaks in the top!