Wednesday, February 24, 2010

In Defense of Online Shopping

Yesterday our Brooklyn cohabitator mentioned that she has to defend online shopping to some of her skeptical friends.  Being skeptical of online shopping seems so hard for me to believe.  I mean sure, maybe 10 years ago (which is about when my online shopping habit started up), but these days you can find everything online!  If you use it for more mainstream stores, it's helpful if you can't find your size in stores.  I have that problem a lot, especially when buying pants, since it seems like most stores think that a size 14 gal like me would only need her pants in ankle or regular length.  At 5'9", that doesn't do it for me, so I often have to order my "tall" pants online.  A lot of retailers also have a lot more on their websites than they carry in their stores. For example, Old Navy has a whole Plus Size line that they've completely stopped carrying in their stores (at least in Chicago), and I see phrases like "online exclusive" on a lot of other store websites.  Another reason I love shopping online is the wealth of coupons that are out there at sites like RetailmenotCoupon Cabin and iGive.  In fact, iGive will also donate a portion of your purchase to one of their registered local charities (my iGive is set to donate to Ravenswood Community Services, which helps members of my own community).  In addition to those few websites, a simple google search will give you tons of results for coupon codes.  I don't shop without them.

I admit that, unlike a lot of fashionable folks, I don't go to thrift stores.  In fact, the only time I've ever been to one here in Chicago was on a shopping trip in my Lincoln Square neighborhood last spring when a certain co-contributor was visiting.  I know there's some cute stuff in thrift stores if you take the time, but I just don't have the patience to take that time while out shopping.  I feel the same way about stores like Filene's and Nordstrom Rack.  Sure, there's bargains, but you have to work for them.  In that vein, I also haven't gotten into buying things in online auctions (although perhaps I should).  So when I say I shop online, I mean I shop for new stuff online.  Maybe I'll get into looking at vintage pieces (rather than "vintage-inspired") one of these days.

Anyway, yesterday I realized that my entire outfit was purchased online, so, although fairly simple, I'm presenting it to defend online shopping.

The only part of this outfit that I probably shouldn't wear right out of the box (woops) is the pants.  They could use a little hemming (another problem with being tall - "regular" inseam pants are too short, and "tall" inseam pants are usually about an inch too long).  But aside from that, I think it's a pretty good, put-together work look.
I can't say enough about how much I absolutely love buying shoes online.  Between ZapposAmazon and even the pricier Piper Lime (which I just use to find ideas, and then look for cheaper versions elsewhere), I can always find great shoes.

My boyfriend bought me this necklace - also online.  And when I say he bought it for me, I mean I emailed him a link to it on Etsy a week before Christmas, compulsively checked the link to see if the one and only remaining necklace had been purchased, and saw it while bringing the mail in a few days later.  

I have plenty other great online finds which I'll be sharing eventually.  Today, I'm working at home on my couch, wearing my favorite black sweats, my much loved New Belgium Skinny Dip t-shirt and my most stylish blanket.

Pants: - $20 (during a buy one, get one free pants event)
Blouse: - $39.50 (with a 20% off  coupon)
Cardigan: - $39.50 (with a 20% off coupon)
Necklace: - $20
Shoes: - $20


  1. I need to get on this online coupon stuff, stat! I do get good one for the shoe retailers. And those shoes are just great! Lovely outfit. How does your bloke have such great tastes in jewelry?

  2. I think he gets his inspiration from a little bird :) Although he did buy me a necklace for my birthday last year, totally unprompted, that I really love. So if left to his own devices, he'd probably be okay.

    By the way - I just saw "Kangwell." Love it!

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