Friday, February 12, 2010

Going for the Gold

I'm on my way out to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. I'm not a huge sports fan, but one of my friends is, and I am trying to make an effort to not just be a lug this year. So off I go soon to a bar, even though I don't drink anymore for a host of reasons.
I am also not so sporty, but I think of the jersey dress with leggings is being kind of sporty, since it's the first kind of dress that I liked when I was more tomboyish in my style (I still think of myself as tomboyish though). I made the scarf into a circle scarf myself in about 15 minutes, handsewing a rough seam between two ends of a very very old jersey scarf. Loop 3 times and instant chic! (kind of).

the original (from some cheap store in Minneapols, circa 2003)

The improved (see rough hand sewn seam)

Still working on the lighting and pictures. It seems that my apartment is very very dark. I have a whole bunch of lamps but they cast funky shadows
I stood close to the camera with a light on me to show the details. This dress has a peasant/prairie aesthetic, which I adore. There is also a back tie. It's a bit loose, and the neckline was too low. I had to hand stitch it up with green thread (which hopefully isn't too obvious) and the triple looped scarf covers the rest of the d├ęcolletage. I am almost strictly a "legs" girl. I don't like showing off skin above the waist, but I am fine with above the knee (I think my mom taught me that chest stuff is tacky, legs are classy. I suppose we all have different preferences, except some of us like them both).

Dress: a few seasons ago Zara (from Beacon's closet) $15
Leggings: Target ($5.99)
Boots: Born (from ebay, $95)
Hat: gift from former roommate, purchased either in Spain or London
Circle Scarf: DIYed by me


  1. I LOVE that hat! I hope you wore that to the bar. I remember seeing circle scarves in a magazine a while back and thinking they looked kind of odd, but you make it work. And I'm the total opposite on where to show skin - I hate my legs, so I won't buy anything that comes up higher than my knees, but I don't mind showing some skin elsewhere. Not in a trashy way, of course :)

  2. I did wear the hat for part of the time in the bar. Thanks for the scarf compliment. I wish I could show the upper part, but I am just more comfortable with the shoulders, chest and neck area warm.
    And you never dress in a trashy way. I wish I could rock lower cut shirts like you!