Monday, February 15, 2010

another conundrum

Friends, I have so many clothes that I don't quite know how to wear.
For example, I bought this little number at Chicago at The Dressing Room, which is just adorable. A little pricey but the clothes are very current, well maid, and include some local designers. (Plus, budget or no, I like to support local businesses.) I love me a cute midwest women's boutique, like Cliche, which is way friendlier then a Park Slope fancy pants store.
I degress. My beautiful friend Ann (who may post her outfits soon!) encouraged me to leave my comfort zone of knit jersey dresses and shapeless sacks and go for something more tailored, like this adorable "marina" blue number from Tulle:
Yes, it's cute, it has pockets (adore!) but it hits at an awkward mid thigh length (maybe I'm too long waisted for it?) Perhaps I'm too big for the size small? Plus the material is a thick for winter (a nubble, medium weight, woven material, not quite a tweed but not much more substantial than your average woven cotton), and the bust area fits funny.
But I will wear this dress! I just need help.
I wore a purple long underwear shirt from Uniqlo to keep me warm, but I got really hot walking around today.

I tried a woven, button down earlier but the arm holes were just too small.

Next, I tried my pink scarf:
I don't know why that didn't quite work. I guess the unique neckline is what makes the dress interesting.

So I did what I usually do: throw a big sacky sweater coat over it:

This one is fine, but it looks like my usual snooze fest.
Or maybe these looks aren't too bad? Should I go with a black shirt underneath instead?

I hope that the public servants among us had a nice day off! (I went to work anyway, because the building was totally empty and I liked it like that).

Dress: Tulle, $45
Boots: Palladium, $150
Sweater Tights: Street vendor, $5
long underwear shirt: Uniqlo, $10
Scarf: JFK store, $10
Sweater coat: Brooklyn Industries, $50


  1. Have you STILL not worn that dress? I hope Colleen's gotten more wear out of hers. My favorite of the 3 is the look with the scarf. For work, you could try it with a turtleneck. And for non-work stuff, maybe with a cardigan rather than sweater coat?

    And I'm probably heading back to work next week, which means I'll finally be dressing up again! Posts to follow soon, I promise :)

  2. More thoughts: I think a nice brooch would look great too. Something like this ( would add a nice pop of color :)

    Also, how would the dress look with a belt?