Friday, February 19, 2010

N'arl'ns, part deux

I've been having a great time catching up with nerdy friends here in New Orleans. Sad to leave my friends tomorrow, but looking forward to going back to the fella and kitty (and my city). Although I must say that I'm quite in love with New Orleans. The sun shines, the people are friendly, and the city is just adorable. Exhibit A:

But what's most interesting about New Orleans is talking to the locals about Hurricane Katrina. We never brought it up but folks here are really friendly and share about their lives, in ways that the guarded big city folks tend not to do (not that I don't love you, dense urban areas and your mass transit). A women who sold us pralines in the Riverwalk market told us about how she and her loved ones went 3 days without water and how National Guardsmen were driving tanks down Canal St. (a major street in the central business district), in a way that was not necessarily productive. I don't know much about details of Katrina, but I hope that we don't allow for such an unnecessary tragedy to happen again. (J also told me, as he's been to New Orleans twice prior, that everythinig was much more lively back in the day).
My friend J (from Canada) and I were lucky to run into this memorial public art project in commemoration of Katrina.
Maybe I shouldn't have been smiling, but the city does put me in a good mood.
, close up of the "touristy" outfit (photos by J)

Plaque by the memorial

What the French Quarter will do to relatively new boots

Dress: Brooklyn Industries, $39
Boots: Mia, $85 (on sale at a midtown shoe store)
Tights: Target ($5)
Sweatercoat: Brooklyn Industries, $50

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