Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hello from Hurricane land (non-outfit post)

Hello blogosphere.  I know that I've been absent.  And my outfits have been incredibly boring.  I have been reading people's blogs, though.  You are looking fabulous.
I did take pictures today (mostly for my mother-in-law, who frets over our safety from the Chicago area).  Blokey and I live outside of the evacuation zone.  In fact, we live close to a number of the evacuation centers in Brooklyn.  I've not been in a hurricane since 1991, so I'm letting my crazy lady flag fly high.

 The Mother in law requested that I buy some handiwipes.  Also, thank goodness for the public library.

Oatmeal whole wheat chocolate chip cookies 

A tiny representation of my water hoarding

"Health" bread- whole wheat sandwhich bread and a 2/3 whole wheat, 1/3 white flour baguette

 What should be a hurricane tradition: giant potato, rosemary, green olive focaccia

8 hard boiled eggs (for when I need to climb down my inevitable carb high)

Not everyone here in TCC east is freaking out, as Buster demonstrates

Everyone in Irene's path, I hope you stay safe!  Hope to "see" you all on the Blogosphere real soon.


  1. There is not enough bubbly wine in these pictures.  That is all.  The cat knows -- chillin' is in .

  2. Take care! stay safe! and enjoy all the snacks and goodies!

  3. Lady!  You inspired me to fill all my buckets and pots with water.  I also have a library book and dvd and a bunch of ezekial bread and pb, and crackers, and jam, and grape leaves, and pesto and norther bean pasta salad (which is perishable but I'm working on that until power goes out).  I've sequestered me and the cats between one interior room and the kitchen, bathroom and tiny bedroom.  2 of the 3 windows on this side of the apt have security guards at least so that's some measure of safety that if my windows pop out, the cats will not be able to get out.

    And, of course, my monkey flashlight.

    Hopefully this passes.  The tornado warning is not my favorite, that's for damn sure. 

  4. I love the Handi Wipes.  I suppose you never know when you'll need them.  Looks like you guys weathered the storm okay.  But I think that you should continue blogging, now that Irene has inspired you to return :)

  5. There was a 1 liter bottle in the fridge.  Austrian.  White.

  6. Thanks.  There was no major power outage, though.  What to do with all this food?  Not cook again, for days!

  7. My outfits are pretty bland but I'll put up a "first day" one soon.

  8. And where are the recipes?

  9. Was the 1991 hurricane Bob by any chance? I can't find anyone else who remembers going through that one.