Monday, August 22, 2011

Another Day in my Favorite Colors

Happy Monday, all! Once again, I'm wearing my tried and true favorite color combination of black, white and red. It just works. And it's especially easy to throw together on a Monday morning. I must've woken up on the wrong side of the bed today, because I'm a little crabby. And it was dark when I woke up, for the first time since spring, so I guess I need to get used to that.

New haircut

The weekend didn't go quite as planned. We didn't make it to the beer & bacon tasting because a friend we were going with sprained her foot on Saturday. Not to worry though, we've rescheduled for this weekend. But I did get my haircut! I hadn't planned on going so short, but I'm liking this. It's so easy and takes like no time to dry in the morning, so that's a nice change of pace.

I didn't take the dogs outside with me to take pictures this morning, but they still wanted to supervise.
Dogs supervising

Tank: New York & Company
Cardigan: Loft
Skirt: Target
Necklace: New York & Company
Shoes: Born


  1. Chalkdust and BootsAugust 22, 2011 at 10:12 AM

    LOVE the hair! And I am all about black and red (less so white, simply because I own so little of it), so I totally understand your favorite color combo... 

  2. If it ain't broke... :) looking good!

  3. I love the new haircut, you're looking good girl!  I'm also a proponent of black, white and red.  I like the cut of that shirt too, very flattering!

  4. I love the new haircut - it looks great.  And that skirt is super flattering on you.  Is it knit jersey or woven?

  5. It's some kind of lightweight poly blend. The good thing about it is it has built in shorts! They call it shapewear, but they're not nearly as constricting, so it's a good skirt for bikeriding and walking around on blustery days.

  6. Ooh... like the hair cut.  I keep wavering about whether to keep growing mine out or cut it off again.  This is not helping those nail-biting deliberations!! 

    I hear you on the crabby start to the day -- today started with really sad news about the unexpected death of a major progressive Canadian politician.  Sometimes a crabby/ sad morning really sets the tone for the day -- I hope your's sorted itself out though!

    Also, seriously, your dogs are such lovely, smiley dogs.

  7. Your haircut looks great, and you always look cute in red.

  8. The haircut is so great. It makes your hair look even healthier and glossier, if such a thing is possible.

  9. Red, white, and black is easy and looks so good on you! Look at those cute faces at the door!

  10. Your hair looks great, and this continues to be a great color combination on you!

  11. the new hair looks great, and the dogs are adorable. hahahaha.