Thursday, May 6, 2010


Sharing, originally uploaded by Cohabitating_Closet.

Today, we have to share our street with a certain famous international shoe and textile brand that is taping a "block party" television commercial. I interrupted their shooting a couple times (hey, they were on my stoop and the company made ). I mostly just a little annoyed for my neighbors who had to move their cars this whole weekend.
I wore this weird mix of 50s and Western elements today because we are going to the DMV to finally get NY state driver's lisences I rehemmed (cut) the bottom of this American Apparel skirt, which had that weird upside down U thing going on. The black and white stripes on this cardigan are very small, so the photo looks somewhat psychedelic. I also created an ad hoc sweater guard (curled out cardigan tops make me sad) with some blue embroidery string. I hope the end result is a non-boring license ID photo.

My quickly done sweater guard (instructions: take a thicker string in a color you like. Make a bunch of knots and thread it through a buttonhole. Wrap the leftover string around the top button. Trim if desired.

This is another 100% thrifted/secondhand or swapped outfit.

For A-Dubs: a close up of yesterday's flower applique:

Cardigan: Loft: thrifted
Boy's western shirt: vintage, Ebay
Skirt: AA, swap and DIY hemmed
Boots: Durango, thrifted
Faux sweater guard: DIY


  1. You rock the cowgirl boots, lady. I love 'em on you!

  2. This license-photo-getting outfit is rad, Rad. 'Good plan to keep it interesting.

    And thanks for the close-up. I'm loving that skirt, too.

  3. Great mix of patterns and chic silhouette. Love the sweater guard as well.

  4. I'm absolutely loving this blog.

    I know this is a lot to ask but I was wondering if you could make some suggestions as to what kind of things I should be wearing/not wearing. You always have such good suggestions for me when I see you. Every morning is a struggle...

    I need something that downplays the boobs/belly. I don't mind legs (tights/leggings etc) but i don't like naked white girl legs.

    Any thoughts?