Monday, May 3, 2010

Holding in a sneeze (and a cough)

I've been sicky sick since my blog post yesterday. Is there anything worse than a fever when it's already 80 plus degrees and muggy? Luckily, I have a very loving and helpful fella to help me (he indulged my demand for "All Fruit" popsicles) and while my head is still woozy, I am feeling 1/2 way better. Here, I am holding in a sneeze, a cough, and ignoring my aggressive post-nasal drip. Sexy, I know.
In an attempt to make myself feel better (because it's not enough to be ill, I also feel insecure and suffer from low esteem when I am sick), I'm taking an outfit post. Is it cheating when you don't leave the house? I've been working on this batwing top from Burdastyle. It's a free, open sourced pattern. Just two easy pieces (and some trimming). Very fast, and the most time consuming part was actually taping the printed pattern together. Like everything I sew, it's highly imperfect, and instead of finishing the edges, I indulged my love of raw, unfinished jersey edges (if it's good enough for AA, it's good enough for me). Since I am sicky, today I just clipped and cleaned up the raw edges (Blokey helped. He has a much better eye for details than me).

This outfit is a bit monochromatic, but I think the camel colored sandals break that up a bit.

My new strategy of sticking to my goals of thrifting and making more (other than actually thrifting and making more) is to look for my specific desire (like a linen shorts) on ebay. It is more likely to be cheaper and second hand. So far, no luck on the right pair (there are over 1000 pairs of linen shorts on that site), but I'm happy with this plan of action for now.
Hope you had a good Monday.


  1. Great outfit! I can't get over how awesome those jeggings look on you. And there really is nothing sexier than a post-nasal drip. I call that spring. Hope you're feeling better! :)

  2. as paris h would say: its hot

  3. Dude, you look awesome.

    What are jeggings? Are they super-stretchy jeans? Or leggings that have trompe l'oeil denim printed on them? Whatever they are, you are rocking them.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  4. DMed: Jeggings are made of denim like stretchy materials. The front fly and pockets are indeed optical illusions but there are real back pockets. Too much hybridity!
    Thanks for the well wishes. Now back to class prep time!

  5. Great top! Love the monochrome outfit. The slim pants look great on you. Hope you're feeling 100% soon!

  6. I love the look - it really shows off your legs! And I sooo need to make that top - looks so easy and anything jersey is my buddy!