Monday, May 10, 2010

DYB Challenge Day 1

DYB Challenge Day 1, originally uploaded by Cohabitating_Closet.

Today is the first day of Academichic's Dress your Best challenge. For the first day, I am dressing to highlight my legs. Note that I am standing straight on, so you can see that I am quite bowledgged. This, plus the fact that they are not that long (proportionally to my height) or particularly thin (compared to some mental image of say, Alexa Chung), I used to think they were quite unattractive. There's even a phrase in Korean, "moo da-ri" that I internalized. This roughly means "legs that are round like radish" (think a big daikon, rather than a cute little red round one). We eat a lot of radishes, and they're good for you, but I was pretty embarrassed about this growing up. My mom also gave me a hard time about inheriting my dad's horse rider legs, and she encouraged me to stand in a way that wouldn't emphasize them.
But luckily my friend's mom intervened when I was 21. I was visiting her home in Baltimore and her mom said that my legs were lovely and that I should show them off more. I protested about my bow ledggedness, but she cut me off. She pointed out her similar legs (she was wearing a mini skirt) and said "That's how guys like them. They like to look at each leg individually." We had a good laugh and while I knew that we don't just dress for men, I took this as an opportunity to re-evaluate my sensitivity about my legs. Over the years, I've gotten more confident about them. I have managed to trick folks into thinking that I am leggy.
In addition to all the vain stuff, I do like my legs because they are strong, help me run (when I run) and walk everywhere, don't get tired easily, and are actually quite easy to fit into off the rack pants. I like the shape of my thighs and my ankles, and I think they are pretty good as legs go. Sorry it took me a few decades to appreciate you, legs.
This outfit is for the 3rd to last day of class. I wish it was the last day of class but I'll take what I can get. There is a rabbit print, which hopefully helps put students at ease about upcoming finals (probably not though).

Rabbits are very important for academic discourse

Dress/Tunic: Kimchi Blue, thrifted via Beacon's Closet
Cardigan: JCrew, swapped
Belt: thrifted
Jeggings: Hue
Shoes: Tahari via Ebay


  1. That print is wonderful, and I agree with your friend's mom--you have great legs!!

  2. I would definitely love my legs if I were you! I really love the rabbit detail on that dress :)

  3. Love that dress!

    You have great legs, and you do look quite leggy. :-)

  4. you look great! hehe I have that same dress in the fox print.

  5. You do have damn fine legs (I'm totally bowlegged too and am posting about my legs later this week!) I love the print on the dress and the cute tiny little collar!

  6. You have amazing legs, and you are showing them off hear brilliantly!

  7. I think most gals would kill for those gams, lady!

  8. I have the same kind of legs and went through a similar process! It took a lot of looking at them objectively to not be so down on them!

  9. you look great though! love that print on the dress

  10. Totally tricked. I have always thought of you as enviably leggy. Nice touch to wear the jeggings as leggings; I love the texture with the thoroughly great print. And I especially love, love, love those shoes.

    Two more sleeps until you are done lecturing! Hurrah!

  11. Love this look!! The dress looks super cute on you :)

  12. I have the same kind of legs and went through a similar process! It took a lot of looking at them objectively to not be so down on them!