Friday, October 28, 2011

Can We Just Start Today Over?

Closet 10-28 003

Happy Friday morning to y'all! Do you ever have mornings that you'd like to totally do over? Or avoid all together? Yeah, today was one of those. Cara over at City Girl Chicago posted her morning routine today, so I'm going to share mine. This is more or less how my morning goes on a typical office day.

5:30am: Alarm goes off. Fella pops out of bed, hits snooze.  Jude snuggles up with us.
5:37am: Alarm goes off yet again. I very slowly get out of bed and grumble about the downstairs neighbor's dog keeping us up all night with his barking. Totally don't understand how my neighbor sleeps through this, or thinks that we don't hear it and doesn't think that it's just a bit rude to let your dog bark for 10 minutes at a time ALL NIGHT LONG (Can you tell I'm really annoyed?). Anyway.
5:40am: Start a pot of coffee. Both dogs run into the kitchen, thinking it might be time to go outside or eat something. It's not. Check email while waiting for coffee to finish. Pour a cup loaded with Bailey's toffee almond creamer, knowing it'll be just the temperature I like once I get out of the shower.
5:49am: Shower, moisturize, blow-dry bangs, suck down coffee.
6:10am: Get dressed in the dark since the sun is nowhere close to coming up this early anymore.
6:20am: Hair & make-up.
6:40am: Wake Fella up, get dogs ready to go on their walks. They don't generally walk very well together, so Fella and I take them on separate walks every morning. We're pretty dedicated dog owners.
7:00am: Feed dogs, make breakfast-to-go, pack lunch, computer, coffee travel mug in work bag. Take OOTD photos even though it's STILL dark out.
7:15am: Fly out the door to walk a mile to the train station.
7:37am: Catch Metra train up to the Northern 'burbs for the first 20 miles of my commute.
8:22am: Arrive at my stop. Proceed to wait for company-chartered shuttle bus to drive the last 9 miles to my office. Keep waiting...
8:45am: Bus finally arrives. It's cool, I didn't want to get to work on time today anyway. Think that maybe I should've driven to work, though that would be bad for the environment and the traffic coming home would make me regret that. Probably should've just worked from home.
9:10am: Finally sit down at my desk, nearly 2 hours after leaving the house and 3.5 hours after waking up. Ugh!

So yeah, I'm a big ball of sunshine today. I am, however, really looking forward to the weekend. We were so busy with house stuff last weekend that I didn't get much time for r&r. I don't have much planned, though we're heading to see Moneyball with a friend on Sunday, and having dinner with Fella's family. What are you guys up to? And what does your morning routine look like?

Tee: Loft
Scarf: Target
Jeans: Old Navy
Sneakers: Converse


  1. Lady, you are a TROOPER. I'm super-impressed with your schedule: how are you cheery on MOST days? :) 

  2. You are dedicated!  To looking good and being a great dog owner.  Props to you, lady.  Sorry that the company shuttle was late and slow.  Have you chatted with the neighbor at all about the barking?  Sounds really annoying!

  3. The first floor neighbors did. I was letting it go, but it was especially awful last night, so I texted her to ask if she could quiet him down b/c it had been going on for 2 straight hours. The funny thing is, she left us a note the day after she moved in saying our a/c was too noisy, making it hard for her to sleep.

  4. wow, such a long way to start the least you don't have to go into the office every day!! I start at 6:30 and after the commute and school drop off I am in the office by 10.
    Hope you have a relaxing weekend

  5. Wow, so we have similarly long mornings!

  6. Oh, my goodness.  I dread ever having to commute.  I don't even get out of bed until 7:30, I get ready and leave the house on my bike at 8:20.  By 8:30 I'm locking my bike up at work.

  7. Holy cow!  I'm super impressed by this schedule and your commitment to outfit photos!  I benefit greatly from the flexible academic schedule and the fact that my commute is a total of 5 minutes.  

  8. Ack.  Do you get a lot of reading done at least?

    I would like a re-set for this whole term.  I am behind in everything, including things like exercise and shopping.  Seriously, everything I own has a hole in it.    

  9. Woman, you need a day off!

    Sadly I can't read while commuting because I get motion sick.  Instead I knit and do sudoku and crossword puzzles.

  10. Wow, I'm impressed that you get out of your house so quickly in the morning AND still manage to look so fabulous!

  11. A 5 minute commute would be awesome!  So jealous.

  12. I guess I just hate not being cheery, I don't know...

  13. Oh man... you are up and about so early!  But you know what? You still look so pretty and put-together! :)

    I wake up at 5:30-45 and then run to the gym until 6:30. Then I shower, get dressed and put makeup on until 7:00. 30 minutes for breakfast, feeding the cats, and outfit photos and I'm off to drop my husband off to work and then drive to mine. How people do this everyday is a mystery to me.

  14. goodness, i am no good with early mornings, and I do the bare minimum in the AM.
    My morning is more like:
    6:40 alarm goes off. Hit Snooze.
    Continue hitting snooze until about five of seven.
    Check emails on my alarm clock, I mean iPhone.
    Rub the dogs belly until she's ready to get up.
    Put dog out to pee while I'm in the bathroom getting ready.
    Someone else has made coffee, take a cup and go to closet to ponder clothes.
    Force myself to be dressed in something by 7:20.
    Put on make up in 3 minutes.
    Grab my lunch from the fridge, and maybe a yogurt to eat for breakfast at work later.
    More coffee, out the door by 7:35.

  15. Thanks for the shout out!  You are amazingly productive with your mornings, especially considering your commute!!