Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back to office

Back to office, originally uploaded by Cohabitating_Closet.

Today is my first full day back in the states. We fell asleep at 7PM and woke up at 3 (but I stayed in bed until 5) and now we are up and running. Blokey is going to new faculty orientation (he started last spring, so even though he knows all this already, it's a requirement) and I am going to dig through files to work on some revisions for the monster project.

I did do some shopping in Germany, as we had a day of walking around the Bockenheim neighborhood (where the social science campus of the Goethe University* is located). My friend and I went into a cute shop (Damen-something or another) and while I did like many of the clothing, we both ended up getting these cute woven scarves, which was fun but did not break the rules of the GAAD.

These jeggings were almost a victim of my German good times. We rode bikes along the river one evening to a traditional Hessian apple wine restaurant, but my jeggings got caught and ripped a bit on this one attachment that held the baby seat in place. No worries, though, because a very nice neighborhood tailor fixed it for a mere 5 Euros. It's just behind my right calf, and not very noticeable.

The outside

The inside

Also, many apologies to Franca, about my misinformation about the European shelf toilet. It's not a German phenomenon at all, but still fascinating.

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful back to school/just before back to school week. I'm still mentally planning my first day outfit and I may need your advice! It's supposed to be a hot one that day.

Scarf: shop in Frankfurt
Tunic/dress: AA
Jeggings: Hue
Rain boots: Daffy's

*Our hosts told us an old lefty joke in Frankfurt: Enthusiastic political theory/ cultural studies students from the US come to Frankfurt and tell the taxi driver at the airport, "Take me to the Frankfurt School" referring to network of lefty social theorists mostly associated with the Institute for Social Research at Goethe. The cabbie, confused, then takes him to a kindergarten or a primary school in the central district.


  1. Welcome back! Phew, I was worried that you were going to have to come back for a new pair of jeggings (you can't just buy those in NYC), but I'm glad they're okay. I love this outfit, especially the sassy scarf.

  2. He he he! Great joke about the Frankfurt school!

    So, your jeggings, I thought they were tights. I mean, you don't look indecent, but my brain definitely processed this as a very short dress with tights. Oh so mod!

  3. Yay! You're back and lookin' mighty fine!

    I hope that Blokey has fewer orientation sessions to go to than I did!

  4. I adore the scarf. But maybe not quite as much as I adore the Frankfurt School joke.

  5. I love the addition of the scarf in your outfit! You really look great in this.

    Welcome back! Hope you had a great time, so far it sounds like you did. :)

  6. @Anne: Yes, they have to be the ones from Chicago!
    @Emily and AFtKb: Blokey wanted to go to the Frankfurt school as soon as we got off the plane, so I bet that it's not just a legend.
    @lHdM: Thanks! He only has one today but it's enough to be annoying right? Sounds like you're fitting right in!

  7. I think your jeggings will look all the tougher with that cool patch job!

  8. Rad, I ADORE this outfit. It looks superb on you.
    Welcome home! Germany sounds like a great time and, again, an enviable way to begin the semester. In other important news, I did all my chores.

  9. Welcome back. I really like that scarf.

  10. Welcome back, Rad! You're looking suitably hard core and awesome in a Lisbeth Salander/mod fashion way. 'Looking forward to more awesomeness as the school year kicks off.

    p.s. And I hope Blokey's orientation stuff is not too enragingly similar to last year's!

  11. Welcome back! Love the scarf!

    Re: the shelf toilet thing: I think I have seen those freaky toilets in France and Hungary a lot. Ugh, I do remember hating those toilets! :)

  12. That scarf is fantastic. I particularly like it in contrast to the subdued palette of the rest of the outfit.

  13. Yay Rad, welcome back. You are looking wicked cool it that outfit. Great scarf and way to follow the GAAD guidelines. I'm glad you could save the jeggings, that would have been a tough one to lose.

    Ok, we our ready for your first day back to school outfit challenge. Bring it...

  14. The Frankfurt School story has probably happened many, many times.
    Great scarf! You look ready for fall. (I'm not ready for fall.)

  15. inspirational darning - sehr gut. that should last quite a while.