Monday, August 16, 2010

Busy work

Busy work, originally uploaded by Cohabitating_Closet.

I spent all morning (before getting dressed) on the phone with the emergency room and my emergency insurance company (separate than my main medical insurance company) about something that happened in December. Hopefully, it's all settled now.
Today, in addition to academicky stuff, I am going to buy some cute, non-toxic, non-gender specific toy for my friends' two year old boy. I found myself wearing the black tee shirt and jeans all weekend, which fit the 6 items challenge, but was quite boring. I tried to make it less boring today, and follow Kelly in Beantown's awesome styling of 1990s-esque boots, but I think this outfit just makes me look wide. Maybe it's the angle. And my legs are oddly iridescent. But since I looked better in the mirror, I am stick with it anyway. (I've got short bike shorts under the skirt, you know, for my mom's sake).
Oh, my friends in Frankfurt, which is where Blokey and I are going tomorrow evening. No particular reason, except to see our friends and pretend that school doesn't start in a week. Oh, and they're setting up meetings for me with like-minded scholars at the University, so someday maybe I can go do research there? (Oh German welfare state, how I do covet you). Hope you have a fabulous Monday.

Shirt: Rodarte for Target
Belt: free from an eBay purchase
Tunic/dress as skirt: AA
Microfishnet tights: Daffys
Boots: MIA


  1. I think you look great! Isn't it awful dealing with insurance companies and medical junk? Hope you get that all sorted and done!

  2. Nope. 'Not seeing the wideness. 'Just seeing awesomeness.

    Also, you're going to Germany? I am awash in envy.

  3. I also think this outfit looks great.

    Good plan on the holiday right before the term starts -- I'm heading to Montreal for a couple of days shortly with a similar goal in mind: forgetting that the term starts WAY too quickly.

  4. Maybe it'll be cooler in Frankfurt. I love the idea of taking a stunner trip just before the semester begins, so you blow into the classroom from Europe feeling all jet-setty. What a boost! Classes start on Monday for me, and in between then & now I'm finishing up chores around the house. Your plan sounds much more fun.

  5. Horizontal stripes might accentuate wideness if the wearer were actually wide. You are not at all!!

    Hope you have a fun trip, enjoy the last days of summer vacation!

  6. Dude, I spent the morning looking up references to correct an article manuscript for one of the Professors I do work for. All. Morning.

    I wish I looked this cute while doing my busy work!

  7. I think it's physically impossible for you to look wide, regardless of what you're wearing.

  8. Any room in your suitcase for a stowaway?

  9. That outfit makes you look curvy, not wide at all.

    I am jealous that you are going to Germany.

  10. @Melissa: Yes, hopefully it's all taken care of now. I wish I were a Canadian sometimes.
    @A-Dubs, yes but I am awash with Canadian jealousy (see above). And thanks!
    @E-Jo: Ooh, I dig Montreal. I hope to there for a conference in March.
    @Charlotte: I'll try to look jet setty when I come back. Have a good first day of school next week.
    @Lyddie: Thanks! I will.
    @Emily: I want my own Emily Kennedy to do that for me. Or to train one of my cats to look up my references.
    @Anne: I may prove you wrong one of these days...
    @Sal: If you don't mind sharing room with the non-toxic, age appropriate dominoes I just bought?
    @Rebecca: Thank you. Curvy is a much nicer description. I'll eat some stinky Hessian cheese and bretzel for you!

  11. 1. Nope, no wideness here.
    2. Thanks for the shoutout! I love these boots.
    3. A just-before-school vacation is brilliant. Also, I have a couple of suggestions for German funding sources for doing research there, if you're interested.

  12. I agree, no wideness. As for black tee and jean boredom, I hear you sister, and my challenge is pretend. I think you are doing a fantastic job with the remixing, seriously fantastic. All the outfits look so different. Well done Rad.
    By the way, are you wearing tights or is it just a glow from one of your superpowers?
    As for the shorts under the skirt, I make my daughter do that. Yes, for mom's sake too.
    Safe journey

  13. great remixing so far! makes me feel like using 30 items is a luxury ;)

  14. No wideness, though your legs are glowing a but. ;-)

    I am also all inspired to get out my boots from the 90s. (I am in New England at the moment and the boots are in the Southland.)

    Have fun in Germany!

  15. I agree with all above. You do not look wide, just awesome. And you have been doing a brilliant remixing job with the Six. You are hardcore!

    And Bon Voyage! (I have no idea how to say that in German)

    Wait, yes I do! Auf Wiedersehen! (Thank you The Sound of Music)

  16. great remixing so far! makes me feel like using 30 items is a luxury ;)