Thursday, August 26, 2010

In Denial

This is what being in denial about classes starting on Monday looks like, for me. I am thinking about my research, laundry, cleaning my house. I already sent my Monday classes' syllabi to the printing office yesterday, and I won't think about them anymore. Syllabuses are funny things. You can always make them better, find a more interesting reading, find some error, etc. But at some point, you just have to commit to your syllabus and move on. And it's not easy. Despite some frustrations I've had since returning and realizing that it's butt in gear time, I've resolved that I will not let the semester get me down. My life is too great in general to let a few class/administrative annoyances to distract me from what's good. Who's with me? (Insert job instead of semester if it's relevant).
I thought I'd share some pictures of Frankfurt, as part of my denial that I'm moving back into professor mode.

Rödelheim S-Bahn station
das Weingut

Castle I

Castle II (home of the robber knights, said our friend)

Honeymooners admiring Germania

Shirt: Rodarte for Target
Skirt: Muji
Pearls: via eBay
Shoes: Naturalizer


  1. cool photos! Thanks for sharing. Castles!@! : ) I love that striped top.

    I'm sure that the semester will go well. : )

  2. Those pictures are amazing! I hope you have more. The Weingut shot is beautiful, and I especially love the one of you and blokey :)

    And you've got the right attitude to just commit and move on. My job annoys me a lot, but I try really hard to just leave all of those frustrations at the office and enjoy everything else in my life. It definitely helps my sanity.

  3. Teaching takes enormous emotional resources--not to mention those used in doing your research--that it sometimes feels you can't live your life AND do your job simultaneously. Especially at the beginning. It's important to strike a balance, to try to incorporate your work into your life so it feels more seamless. It took me a very long time to do this & I spent a lot of years feeling as if my life happened on semester breaks.

    I love the German photos. What a country of contradictions it is.

  4. It is totally buckle down time. For reals. Every minute needs to be efficiently marshaled it seems, but yes, we are totally capable of doing this thing. And we will.

    It looks like you picked an excellent time to go to Germany. What gorgeous weather!

  5. Thanks for haring these pictures. I haven't been to Germany yet, but I'm hoping Brett and I get there soon.

  6. Great photos! Welcome back to bloggistan. I'm in denial too...not teaching this semester, just supervising a doctoral student to teach "my" course, but I have a whole pile of ginormous scientific problems to solve, four papers that have to be wrapped up NOW, and the renewal proposal (gulp) for my NIH grant due in two months. Somehow I will actually do all that and it's not going to be pretty.

  7. Thanks for the picture compliments. Sadly, we didn't take as many as we'd wanted, but we do have some more vineyards.
    @Rebecca: I'm a big Germany fan, so I highly encourage a visit.
    @Emily: Yes, we can and will do it. Even if along the way, it may seem difficult. Kudos for starting the semester pregnant and productive.
    @LaFille: I think I've seen you wear a similar shirt? Thanks for the vote of confidence.
    @Anne: Yeah, jobs always have ups and downs, right? You have flexibility and vegetables, and I have flexibility and an awesome department. But it's all about not perspective, right?
    @Charlotte: Thanks for your encouraging words. I hope to get better at work/life balance, although I've heard that it's only a myth. I seem to be less able to take proper recreation breaks during the semester. This is year 3 of professoring, and I hope that it gets easier (not the job, but the dealing with the job).
    @Cynthia: You are a grant-writing superstar! And looking mighty fine while doing it. Good luck getting those papers off your desk. I bet it won't be as bad as it seems.

  8. Sweet ensemble, such excellent shoes, and awesome envy-inducing photos. What more could we ask for in a post?

    Also, 'good plan. But I'm not with you. I choose to resent the details. For now. But mostly because I am consumed with manuscript panic and cannot take the high road. Maybe later.

  9. Excellent choice of the 6. I wish I would have thought of a stripe tee. I mean the pretend me.
    Fantastic photos. Thanks for sharing. I hear you on the denial. Isn't admitting the denial half of the solution though? You are now one half closer to getting said butt in gear as far as I'm concerned. Am looking forward to day 1 outfit btw.

  10. I started teaching this week... and I know what you mean about committing to the syllabus. love the Germany pix. So glad you got to honeymoon. Love to you and the bloke.

  11. Great outfit. Love the shoes! Beautiful trip pictures. The photo of you and your husband is adorable, and you are wearing such practical and stylish clothes for touring!

  12. I love these photos! I've never been to Germany but I've always imagined I would wear boots like those when/if I went! You and your partner are such a gorgeous pair!

  13. I love these photos! I've never been to Germany but I've always imagined I would wear boots like those when/if I went! You and your partner are such a gorgeous pair!