Thursday, May 12, 2011

Unable to Concentrate

Do you ever have one of those days where you just can't concentrate?  It's one thing when I can't concentrate because I don't feel like working or I have other things on my mind (okay, that's pretty much everyday for me), but today I haven't been able to concentrate on work because it's really damn loud here.  The gas company has been working it's way through the neighborhood to install new gas lines, and they got to my block today.  Since it's 80 degrees out and we don't have air conditioning, I've had no choice but to have the windows open all day.  To add to all of the fun construction sounds, Jude's girlfriends downstairs have been barking at the workers pretty much non-stop all day.  That, in turn, gets Jude all riled up.  So yeah, construction and 3 loud dogs, awesome.

Sure, I could just pack up my laptop and work at any of a number of area cafes that have wi-fi.  But my company's VPN is wonky, so I can't usually log in unless I'm at home.  Ugh!  Fortunately, I've gotten some non-work stuff done so as not to totally waste the day.  I touched up my roots (I was more than due for that anyway), and did some cleaning this morning.  And now I'm working out how to paint our new condo. We close on the 1st and move in on the 4th, so Fella's parents and I are spending the 2 days in between doing some serious painting.

The first color to be picked?  The bedroom.  Fella's parents gave us this bedding for an early housewarming gift (I've had my eye on it for months, so I'm excited).  My first thought was that yellow would look good with green and white.  But I went crazy on paint swatches at the store last night, and it turns out blue would probably work too.  Meanwhile, Fella wants to stick with the green and paint the entire room green.  A lighter green could work.  So basically I don't know what to choose.  After a while, they all look equally good.  And all 20+ shades of yellow that I got look a lot alike too.  Meanwhile, this is all just for 1 room - there's still plenty others to go!  I feel like color mixing is so much easier with clothes, since I can change my mind.

Why yes, those are resting on top of a box of wine.  Because staring at paint colors all day makes me want a drink.

Tee: Old Navy
Cropped Jeans: Loft Outlet
Shoes: Puma
Earrings: gift from Mom, via Hazel Chicago
Watch: Fossil
Paint swatches: The Home Depot

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