Saturday, May 28, 2011

To Market, To Market

Happy Saturday, all!  This is what I've been wearing today, on what has become a pretty busy Saturday.  Technically Fella and I were supposed to spend the weekend packing, but I made plans to go to the Randolph Street Market this morning with fellow Chicago-area bloggers Randi from Not Just MOM and Julia from Polka Dot Biker Shorts.  They are both lovely ladies, and we had a great time perusing the market today.  Randi got a picture of the 3 of us, so that may appear on her blog sometime soon.  Meanwhile, my brother was passing through town on his way to visit our parents in Ohio, so Fella and I went downtown for brunch with him this morning.  The rare location shot above was taken (courtesy of Fella) while we waited for the train.  And before I could salvage any hopes of getting some packing done today, our friend C. texted to see if we would be up for dinner and a movie tonight.  Duh, of course.  So thank goodness there's 2 more days left this weekend!  What are you up to?

Jacket: Old Navy (remixed)
Dress: New York & Company
Sandals: Unisa (remixed)
Scarf: Target
Earrings: New York & Company (remixed)


  1.  Sounds like a busy and fun day! I love the maxi dress - and the denim jacket. I love me a good denim jacket. Happy packing - and I hope Jude copes well with boxes and suitcases because my dogs have serious issues when people start packing ;)

  2. Very busy, and so cute! So sorry I couldn't join you. Next time!

  3. What a great bold print! Your blogger meet up sounds like it was a lot of fun - glad you are having a fun weekend!

  4. Love the print on the dress and how you paired it with a denim jacket.  And I'm glad you got away from the packing for a bit - it's good to take a break.


  5. i LOVE that dress! the print is fantastic, as is the denim jacket.

  6. I love me a good denim jacket too, just not so much when it's almost June!  Jude's been good with the packing process, though I think he's annoyed with how hard it is to get around now that the apartment is a maze of boxes.

  7. Yes, definitely!  We talked about dinner sometime soon, so I'll keep you posted :)

  8. I love this maxi dress and the styling of it.  You look fantastic!