Sunday, February 13, 2011

Two for One

sunday 001
To make up for Friday's lack of an outfit post, here's two outfits!  I attended a baby shower this afternoon, so here's what I wore.  I had something else in mind, but because it got up to 50 degrees today, I was feeling springy.

sunday 006
I haven't worn this dress since October, since it's a lightweight jersey knit, and I added a bright sweater and spring-colored necklace.  Enough of the snow from last week's blizzard has melted that I could even get away with wearing suede flats.

sunday 007
Dress & Tights: Target
Cardigan, Necklace & Shoes: Loft

On to outfit #2...

sunday 012
I was supposed to start a beginning knitting class tonight, but I totally mixed up the class times so it turns out the class was at 10 this morning, so I already missed the first session.  I'll sign up again next month, since I really want to learn how to knit (speaking of baby showers, I know at least 5 pregnant gals right now, so there's plenty of baby blankets to be made, along with scarves, hats, beer cozies, etc.).  Since I'm home, Fella and I are going to take advantage of the unseasonably awesome weather and grill dinner tonight.

sunday 016
Cardigan: Loft (as above)
Tee: Gap Outlet
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Puma
Earrings: Hazel


  1. It git into the high 40s here today. It was so nice to be able to go for a walk.

  2. You are starting to look very springy!

  3. What are you cooking on the grill? The weather has helped my seasonal grumpiness. I'm liking the green.

  4. I can't believe how warm it is there! I twas 47 degrees and I didn't wear a coat when I went outside. You look great in the green and I am hungry thinking about your grilled dinner!

  5. That green sweater is fantastic on you, but you really killed it with the jewelry this weekend. Both that necklace and the earrings were just perfect. I'm glad you finally had some warm weather - it must be nice to get a break from all that snow.

  6. Rebecca: I agree, it's been so nice to be outside this weekend!

    Cynthia: I just realized spring is only 5 weeks away, so I'm just getting ready!

    Terri: We made burgers. Warmer weather and sunshine is cheering me up now too.

    Rad: I saw people around here without coats too. It's crazy for february!

  7. Gracey: Thanks for complimenting the jewelry! I picked up the earrings yesterday while shopping for a shower gift so I was excited to wear them.

  8. Lovely green cardi - such a good colour for you! I want those earrings!

  9. I love the stripes on you. Those shoes (the red ones) are great!

  10. Sheila: The shop had a couple other colors of the earrings, which I'd be willing to mail :)

    Julia: Thanks! They're super comfy too since they're sneakers.

  11. i love that dress/cardi combo on you! and all your jewelry is just so pretty! especially that colorful necklace :)

  12. It git into the high 40s here today. It was so nice to be able to go for a walk.