Friday, February 18, 2011

Purple Is a Fruit

Wow am I glad it's finally Friday!  This has been an incredibly long week.  I've been really busy with work, and it feels like I have a lot going on outside of work too right now.  Something really exciting may be happening here at TCC Midwest, but it feels like it's taking up nearly every free moment I have.  I'm so ready for the weekend, though I do have a few commitments then too.

This week's casual Friday outfit is all about comfort.  Well, comfort, and taking advantage of the last of our seasonably warm weather.  It got up to 57 yesterday, and our forecast for today is 50 and sunny.

I had a hard time picking out shoes that would go with these tights as well as my clothes, but when I noticed that these shoes are also purple on the inside, it suddenly became a no-brainer.

Cardigan: Target
Tee: Gap Outlet
Skirt: Loft
Tights & Earrings: New York & Company
Watch: Fossil, gifted
Shoes: Clarks Indigo, gifted


  1. Jude looks like he wants a walk!

    I like the purple tights a lot.

  2. So fun! I love the use of patterns plus color. The stripes with the feather tee really work! (PS: I'm also in the midwest, and isn't this weather great?)

  3. I love that t shirt~ super fun.

    Also, I adored the reasoning that purple tights and purple linning ins shoes go together- so true.

  4. The reasoning behind those tights is just perfect. I love it when the closet helps you decide what to wear. I love that feather tee with the striped cardi too - very cut.

  5. Love the purple tights, silver flats, and the feather shirt. Enjoy the weather! I've been cooped inside a meeting all day.

  6. Love that t-shirt. It reminds of a long departed t-shirt I had and loved with a peacock on the cover with a sequined tail. I too am really happy it's Friday. This week has felt like it would never end.

    Also, I'm in total suspense about the excitement!

  7. Admiring the tee! Have a good weekend.

  8. Rebecca: Jude pretty much always wants a walk.

    HGGirl: Hello to another Midwesterner! It's back to being cold here again, but the warm weather was nice while it lasted.

    Franca: Thanks!

    Miss B & Gracey: The shoes wouldn't steer me wrong!

    Rad: The flats are bronze, and almost olive green in some lights. Silver flats are on my wish list though.

    E-Jo: A peacock with a sequined tail? Perhaps I should bedazzle this shirt. It was only $10, so I could easily replace it if I ruined it. Hmmm..

    Terri: Thanks, you too!