Friday, January 27, 2012

If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It

Dress: Loft / Cardigan & OBI Belt: Limited / Necklace: NY & CO / Shoes: Clarks

I'm sure I'm taunting the weather gods with this next statement, and we'll get a blizzard any day now, but I'll say it anyway - we've had an incredibly mild winter here in Chicago.  It's snowed twice, and both times has melted within a couple of days, making way for warmer (like, 40 degrees!), sunny days.  As a result, I haven't really had to dress for bitter cold winter weather just yet.  My warm, lined dress pants are still packed away in my closet, because I've been able to get away with skirts and dresses.  And in wearing dresses all the time, I've settled into a really easy, though perhaps boring, formula of dress + belt + cardigan.  It's hard to mess with success.  So here's a couple of those.

Meko takes a peek
Meko looks on
Dress, Cardigan & Belt: Target / Shoes: Indigo by Clark / Necklace: Macy's

Jude remembers how this works
Jude hasn't forgotten how to take outfit photos

Jewelry / cute sweater pattern detail


  1. I love both of these outfits! We have had a comparatively mild winter, too. The temperatures have been colder the past couple of weeks, though, and I've worn my wool trousers a few times. 

  2. You look great!  That floral cardi is so you!  Tell the doggies that I miss their drooly faces.

  3. I'm happy to know I'm not the only Clarks lover out there! And I tried on that grey dress just yesterday, with my internal monologue going "it looks so good on Anne..." It did not look so good on me. But on you, still fabulous!

  4. P.S. It snowed here this morning, and now it's 58 degrees.

  5. I keep seeing that about that dress all over the blogosphere! I wonder what kind of odd shape they're designing for that somehow works for me? Hmm. And yes, I LOVE Clarks. So comfy!

  6. It's great to see you here.  I never quite know which blog to find you...  Both of the cardigans are truly lovely.

  7. it is a cute and easy mix, and when you mix it up with fun printed cardis, how can you go wrong?
    and yes, loving this mild winter!

  8. The weather is so all over, but I am starting to think we are going to miss a full-on winter, with snow on the ground for weeks, for good this year. Wishful thinking?

    Dang, girl, you look GOOD. You can see the muscle definition and the weight loss.

  9. Thanks, Kristen!  I can feel all the effects of my hard work, but I still can't really see it myself.

    We're running out of time for there to be snow on the ground for several weeks in a row, so here's hoping!